Efficient Image Processing Based Liver Cancer Detection Method

Yogita Ashok Deore, Prof. Namrata D. Ghuse


The liver is the extensive internal organ in the human body. The liver is the second organ most generic involved by metastatic disease being liver cancer one of the prominent causes of death worldwide. without healthy liver a person cannot survive. It is life threatening disease which is very challenging perceptible for both medical and engineering technologists. Med-ical image processing is used as a non-invasive method to detect tumours. The chances of survival having liver Tumour highly depends on early detection of Tumour and then classification as cancerous and non-cancerous tumours. Image processing techniques for automatic detection of brain are includes pre-processing and enhancement, image segmentation, classification and volume calculation, Poly techniques have been developed for the detection of liver Tumour and different liver tumour detection algorithms and methodologies utilized for Tumour diagnosis. Novel methodology for the detection and diagnosis of liver Tumour.

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