Smart Bazaar – Android Application Using Geospatial Technology.

Prof. Pramod G. Patil, Fahad Khan, Moiza Shaikh


In current scenario the customer needs to roam in the whole market in search of products. Still there is no guarantee of getting the desired product at the best price. It also wastes lots of time and efforts of the customer. If a user wants to buy a red satin shirt then by using this app he can set preference with deals above 50% discount for a red shirt or he can set preference to red satin shirt and his budget range around him/her. The user will then get the list of all the shops that fulfill his demands and the app will even guide the user to those shops. Even the shopkeepers put lot of expense in marketing by sending email and messages of their available discounts to all the people, but very least crowd responds to them than what is expected. Our system allows android based mobile application which accepts user's preference, mood and requirements and start searching best deals and items using Geospatial Data in database around user and lead to the specific best discounted shops. This will not only save money but also time from user's perspective. The application will even guide the user to the shop location. On other hand, shop owners are saving money and efforts with analytical data by targeting only people in top priority that are looking for things shops are selling. This application will be very useful for the shopkeepers to target the specific audience who will be interested in buying their products. This will also save the expense of advertisements and marketing.

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