A Hyper Local Multi-Vendor Application

Prof. Kanchan Mahajan, Prof.Anjali Deore


Growth in Internet and mobile phone evolution has changed the retail environment. Large variety of choices, easy comparison, convenience for purchase, and authorized doorstep delivery are major forces for customers using e-commerce platform. Cash-on delivery as well as secure On line Payment and convenient return process has increased the customer trust on e-commerce. This research offers some insights into the links between e-shopping and consumer’s decisions to shop on-line from the Local Market Vendors. This information can help on line marketers and retailers to develop appropriate market strategies, make advancements related to the emerging technology, and make the appropriate marketing decisions in order to retain current customers and attract new customers Locally. Existing applications like Big Basket, Ask Me Grocery, Admire, Mighty Grocery, etc. have a huge impact on the International and National level E-commerce websites and have affected the Local and Small Scale business Vendors in Small cities and towns. This idea is about Promoting the Local Vendors and to increase their Sales and Market in their own Locality.

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