A Review on Cloud Computing Security: Issues and Solutions

Amit R. Gadekar, Dr. M. V. Sarode


The word Cloud came into focus from the graphic that was often used to show the heterogeneous networks and complex infrastructure. Cloud computing is the next generation networks which is soon going to revolutionize the computing world. Security in Cloud computing is an important issue and critical parameters, and has number of issues and problem related to it. Cloud service provider and the cloud service consumer should make sure that the cloud is safe enough from all the external threats so that the customer does not face any problem such as loss of data or data theft. There is also a chance where a misbehaviors user can affect the cloud by impersonating a legitimate user, thus creating problem to the entire cloud and affects many more customers who are sharing the affected cloud. This paper works on security issues in cloud computing as well as related security concerns suggested in literature.

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