Seismic Assessment of RC Frames with Various Bracing Systems

S. K. Hirde, Shubham K. Nagmoti


Steel bracing is one of the best way for enhancing earthquake resistance of RC frames. Steel bracing is viable solution as a lateral load resisting system to improve seismal performance of RC frames as it is economical and has ability to meet required strength. IS 1893 (Part 1):2016 mentioned same response reduction factor (R factor) for all special braced frames (SBF) and also increased the value of R factor in recent revision. In this present study, R factor of RC frames with different bracing systems have been evaluated. The symmetrical four storey RC frames having three bays with X bracing, V bracing and chevron (inverted V) bracing have been modelled in SAP2000 as per IS codes. Pushover (nonlinear static) analysis is performed on the models and response reduction factor has been calculated by using static pushover curves obtained in SAP2000).

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