A Multi-Authority Access Control System in Cloud Computing Using Network Security

Ms. Vibhute Shubhangi Prakash, Prof. Mr. Kale Navnath D.


Data access control is an efficient way to provide
the data security in the cloud.and Attribute-based Encryption
(ABE) technique cryptographic conducting tool to guarantee data
owners direct control on their data in public cloud storage. In
this paper, from another point of view, system lead an edge multipower CP-ABE access control plan for open distributed storage,
named TMACS. In TMACS, exploiting (t; n) limit mystery
sharing, When system verify to the user the TTP work like a
SDN. Its having data controller that can evaluate the each request
base on ad-hoc data table, if user is authenticated system can
provide the access to specific user. Besides, by proficiently joining
the customary multi-power plan with system, system build a
half and half one, which fulfils the situation of traits originating
from various powers and accomplishing security and framework
level strength. The network security mechanism also fulfil with
this approach, the system has evaluate on physical network
environment with 2 to 4 physical devices and got satisfactory
results than existing TMACS

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