Impact of Attacks on Permutation Only Image Encryption Scheme

Ms.Snehal Bharat Ambare, Prof.Amruta Amune


Permutation is a commonly used primitive in multimedia (image/video) encryption schemes, and many permutation
only algorithms have been proposed in recent years for protection
of multimedia data. In permutation-only image ciphers, the
entries of the image matrix are scrambled using a permutation mapping matrix which is built by splitting and shuffling
the part of the image. The literature on the cryptanalysis of
image ciphers indicates that permutation-only image ciphers are
insecure against cipher-text-only attacks and/or known/chosenplain-text attacks. However, previous studies have not been
able to ensure the correct retrieval of the complete plain-text
elements. In this paper, we re-visited the previous works on
cryptanalysis of permutation-only image encryption schemes
and made the cryptanalysis work on chosen-plain-text attacks
complete and more efficient. We proved that in all permutationonly image ciphers, regardless of the cipher structure, the correct
permutation mapping is recovered completely by a making
multiple combination of two encrypted image. To the best of
our knowledge, for the first time, this paper gives a combination
attack that completely determines the correct plain-text elements
using a deterministic method. Also, the detection of hacker at
admin side with the help of IP detection and blocking system is
to be done in this system for future prevention of permutation

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