Secure Data Deduplication System with Tag Consistency

Ms.Vaishali Keshav Dhokne, Dr. Varsha Patil


Cloud computing technique which is most widely
used today.In that clouding is done over large communication
network like internet and provide large storage space in all sector
like government agency ,private enterprises etc and also store personal data on cloud.But the most important problem in cloud is
that large amount of storage space is required and also duplicate
copies of data is store on cloud .There are many techniques which
is used for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data .From
that one of the important technique is data deduplication . Data
de-duplication is specialized data compression techniques for
removing duplicate copies of repeating data and has been widely
used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space
and save bandwidth. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive
data on cloud , the convergent encryption technique is used to
encrypt the data before outsourcing . In proposed system used
secrete sharing scheme.In that files are divided into number of
blocks called as shares and this shares store on the different
number of nodes.By using recover technique number of shares
are combine into single file. That means using this scheme provide
data security,confidentialty ,data reliability.

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