A Survey of Secure Intrusion Detection Systems for MANET

Priyanka Bhavsar, Bhushan Thakare, Hemant Deshmukh


Migrating from wired network to wireless network has
been a global trend. Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is one of
the most unique and vital applications. MANET does not require a
fixed network infrastructure; every node behaves as both transmitter
and receiver. Nodes can communicate directly if they are in the
same communication range. Otherwise, they rely on neighbours to
communicate the messages. MANET is popular in military
applications because of its self configuring ability. However,
because of the open medium and the wide distribution of nodes, the
MANET is vulnerable to malicious attacks. So it is very important
to develop an efficient intrusion-detection system to protect MANET
from attacks.
In this paper, there is a survey of IDS specially designed for
MANETs. EAACK is capable of detecting malicious nodes despite
the existence of false misbehavior reports. Compared to
contemporary approaches, EAACK demonstrates higher maliciousbehavior-
detection rates in certain circumstances while does not
greatly affect the network performance.

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