Characterization of N-Polar GaN Based HEMT Heterostructures for Mixed Signal Applications

J. Gajapathi, G. Elumalai, M. M. Jaiganesh


GaN-based transistors are attractive for the nextgeneration
RF power and mixed signal electronics due to their high
breakdown field and high carrier saturation velocity. III-N high
electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) fabricated on the Nface
GaN are well-suited to address the problems of poor electron
confinement and high ohmic contact resistance in the highly scaled
transistors. At 4 GHz, N-polar metal-insulatorsemiconductor
(MIS)-HEMTs with a gate length of 0.7 m exhibited a highest
output power density (Pout) of 8.1 W/mm and highest power-added
efficiency(PAE) of 71 %, while a Pout of 4.2 W/mm and a PAE of
49% were achieved at 10 GHz. A high speed N-polar MIS-HEMT
fabricated with a gate-first selfaligned
InGaN-based ohmic contact
regrowth technology was characterized, demonstrating an ultra-low
contact resistance of 23n- m and a state-of-the-art fr •LG product of
16.8 GHz- m with a gate length of 130 nm.

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