Design Adaptive Fuzzy Controller for Speed Control of Brushless DC Motors

Kapil Ghuge, Manish Prajapati, Ashok Jhala Kumar Jhala


Brushless DC motors (BLDCM) are broadly utilized for
some mechanical applications in view of their high effectiveness,
high torque and low volume. This paper proposed an enhanced
Adaptive Fuzzy PID controller to control pace of BLDCM. This
paper gives an outline of execution traditional PID controller, Fuzzy
PID controller and Adaptive Fuzzy PID controller. It is hard to tune
the parameters and gain fulfilled power attributes by utilizing
ordinary customary PID controller. As the Adaptive Fuzzy can
fulfilled control attributes and it is simple for registering. The
exploratory results check that an Adaptive Fuzzy PID controller has
preferred control execution over the both Fuzzy PID controller and
traditional PID controller. The demonstrating, control and recreation
of the BLDC motor have been done utilizing the product bundle

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