Multiple Keywords Searching On Encrypted Cloud in Data Retrieval System

Rajeshwari Patil, Santosh Kumar


Cloud computing is a fast growing technology, so many users
rushed to adopt this latest technology. This technology make
data holder possible to outsource his/her data on cloud for the
public access. But information on cloud may contain sensitive
data so there is need to protect it. So the best way is Data
holder should encrypt data before uploading his data on cloud.
However this will significantly lower the usability of
outsourced data as it will be much harder for user to search for
query over encrypted data so to solve this problem the idea of
research is firstly to find relevant score of keywords, which
will enhance actual search of keywords. Secondly, research
will present very capable searching scheme which will include
multiple-keyword searching i.e. complex queries containing
logical operations can be searched. Thirdly, idea is to have
sophisticated indexing framework by categorizing subdictionaries
skills. Furthermore, research also aims at
providing fault tolerance to the system which is achieved by
sending notification to the data owner when unauthenticated
user try to edit data of data holder from cloud. System can be
used for any search engine or manly useful for big companies
or organizations where there is need to store large and
sensitive data. Thus, system will provide Fault tolerance and
an efficient multi-keyword retrieval over encrypted cloud

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