Decentralized and Secured Data Sharing in Distributed Cloud Environment

Priyanka M. Salunke, Santosh Kumar


In this paper we proposed advance decentralized scheme for
secure data storage in clouds, which supports hiding identity
& access policy of user’s with anonymous authentication.
Data on cloud is sensitive and so as the user and his identity.
It is necessary to the user identity from cloud. Our proposed
system deals with the data security and hiding user identity.
We are using Anonymous authentication decentralized access
control system for storing the data securely on cloud. With
prevention from replay attacks our scheme also support
creation, modification, and reading data stored in the cloud
and also the users attributes are also kept hidden. We are
using Trustee for hiding the user identity; where the user will
be know by unique tokens. Along with this our scheme will
also deal with user revocation. As compare to other schemes
our scheme is decentralized and robust. The efficiency of the
proposed schemes is tested by comparing communication,
computation and storage overheads with centralized

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