Location Awareness and Sharing System in Disruption Tolerant Network using Step Counting Algorithm

Shraddha A. Rokade, Rakesh S. Shirsath


With fast moving life services based on location has acquired
a significant role in delivery of personalized services. Thus
with ever increasing location dependent applications, location
awareness and tracking of the mobile becomes important
aspects. All recent trends in mobiles and gadgets use location
as a key to provide services and position to the users as
location gives information which is useful in routing,
deployment, location services tracing the target and tracking
in rescue operation in a sparse disruption tolerant network
(DTNs) which are not properly addressed. To tackle this, a
cooperative decentralized method known as Pulse-counting
for localization and probabilistic tracking technique known as
Prob-tracking is proposed. Pulse-counting determines the
user’s movement and walking steps with inbuilt accelerometer
and electronic compass in the mobile phones by improving
estimation accuracy. Distinctive refinement techniques for
location estimation consist of adjustment trajectory rely on
reference points, and mutual refinement. Prob-tracking
method used for tracking user possible movements. This
system is implemented in any mobile using JAVA technology
and MYSQL for storing databases and provides security to
user information at client-side by Advanced Encryption
Standard algorithm and server-side by Rivest cipher 6
algorithms then deployed the test in the area of college
campus or organization.

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